Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Custom Patio Design Denver

A good patio acts as an additional outdoor room for your home, allowing you to enjoy your yard more fully.  We offer custom patio design in Denver so that you can have the perfect patio for you and your family.  From discussing your needs and ideas to laying the foundation to building your new, beautiful patio to your specifications, Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure that the end result is exactly what you want.

Altitude believes in providing the best possible landscape and sprinkler service and being straight and upfront with our customers about cost and time estimates so that they can make smart decisions. We will never try to talk you into features that you don't need to make a commission, because we understand that you are the true expert on what you want for your yard and patio.  With 23 years of experience, you can rest assured that Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape has the knowledge that it takes to help you create a beautiful, personalized outdoor space.  We are happy to provide a free estimate for any of our services, so call or contact us online to schedule yours today. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Denver Sprinkler Repair Service

As it gets hotter, you will start needing to water your lawn again, and if your sprinkler has developed problems over the winter, or if you had problems at the end of last season and chose to wait until spring to have them repaired,  you will be looking for a reliable Denver sprinkler repair service who can come help you right away with professional repair.   A well working sprinkler system allows you to have a great looking, lush yard with minimal effort on your part and hardly any water going to waste, and Altitude Sprinkler and Landscaping can make sure yours is in top form.   We have 23 years of experience helping people keep their yards well irrigated and looking fantastic, and have learned all of the tricks and techniques that it takes to have an incredible yard in the Colorado climate.

Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape can also provide you with any other yard and lawn services that you may need, from building patios or garden paths to basic yard maintenance and mowing to complicated low water designs, all with our professional attention to detail and customer satisfaction.  Call or use our website to contact us for a free estimate and consultation.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Denver Landscaping Service

As we come into spring and summer, people start thinking about how to make the most out of their yard.  You want a space that you can relax and enjoy without having to concern yourself with watering and maintenance, and we are the Denver landscaping company that can make that happen for you.

From simply finding the most effective way to keep your lawn watered with a sprinkler system to elaborate landscaping including rock gardens, walls, patios, paths and flower beds, Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape is ready to help you have the yard that you dream of. 

We provide expert landscaping for commercial and residential properties throughout the Denver area, working with every client to plan out exactly what they want from their outdoor space and then finding ways to create that for them.  We want to help you make your yard into a space of enjoyment, and extension of your home in which you can enjoy the outdoors while still being completely “at home.”

Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape offers an entirely free consultation at your property to go over your options and discuss your ideas and get an estimate of the costs, so contact us today by phone or online to schedule yours. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Sprinkler Installation Service Denver

Now that it is getting warmer, people are thinking about their lawn care again.  Maybe you are tired of having to water your lawn with a hose, or maybe your old sprinkler system is no longer doing the trick. In any case, we offer new sprinkler installation service in Denver to allow you to have a well watered, lush yard without a lot of effort on your part.  Whether you are looking for something simple for a small yard, or a complex irrigation system for your garden, Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape offers the high quality, reliable sprinkler service that you want.

With over twenty years of experience helping people make the most out of their yards, Altitude has the knowledge and ability to do the same for you.  We also offer landscaping services, including patios, flower beds, rock gardens, paths, low water landscapes, and anything else you need to create your dream yard. 

Your lawn and garden should be a space that brings you joy and relaxation, not one that you are working to maintain all the time, and a good sprinkler can make a huge difference.  Contact us by phone or online to schedule an estimate and consultation with Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Denver Xeriscape Contractor 

In a climate as dry as Colorado can be, many people are looking for yard and garden options that require less water.  Landscaping designed for maximum water efficiency, using low water plants and careful planning of water patterns is known as xeriscaping, and it can allow you to have a beautiful, unique yard space while conserving water and playing to the natural features of our climate.  We are an experienced Denver xeriscape contractor who can help you design and create an efficient, lush yard that does not require the watering that a more standard grass lawn needs.

Altitude Sprinkler and Landscape are ready to help you have the yard of your dreams,  from the irrigation systems it takes to keep a lawn green and healthy to patios, lighting and xeriscaping.  With 23 years of experience providing lawn and landscape services in Denver,  Altitude knows what it takes to get a great yard in the Colorado area that requires little maintenance on your part.   We work with each client extensively to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their yard and landscape design, using their ideas and our knowledge to bring their yard to life.  Call for a free consultation or click here to learn more.